And its another day of everything going wrong at once and not knowing where to start.

Sure there have been warnings and indications – and I have had gritted teeth get through it one day at a time I can do this I can I am in control here.

No I am bloody not.

So the fibro has been on the limit – brain scrambled and working slowly and the only way to fix it is to rest properly – but with things starting to go squiffy proper rest aint happening – and we are in the vicious bloody circle.

So having gone over rapids and waterfall lets assess the damage.

Camera – are corrupt files from new card or due to camera. As its the second new card in a fortnight (that is one for both cameras) how the hell am I supposed to replace it – if it is corrupt I have to faff about getting a replacement or refund and I dont want the hassle. Or could it be the reader – testing right now by downloading on laptop. Reader easier to sort as over to curries with receipt.

Website – aaahhhhh dont know where to start. In having to move at short notice I had to lose (at least on the front end) links and galleries I did not want to but could have fixed that but…
New galleries will not go up in one piece I am having to separate them into two and then the thumbnails are not displaying on the front page so the site itself just looks awful and unprofessional and full of broken links. And only 1 of the 2 galleries is shown in the album.
Problem one may be php related – but new hosts do not run cpanel and I cannot find where to sort php settings and they only have phone help in UK and today I cannot speak or understand verbal properly because the fibro is in a mess – I need online chat and cannot find it. Problem 2 is probably with the plug in which I had to update but I cannot access support for it without paying another £40 and I was planning to chuck it in anyway but the replacement is £60 and money is way too tight to afford that right now but I might have to.
My PC is nearly full memory wise and probably needs a factory reset which means having time to back stuff up and I dont have time and need to back up so I can clear space so I can do work…

So right now I feel like a useless blob of jelly but what is worse is the public frontage of the site looks like a useless blog of incompetent crap and I don’t know how to fix it

Then life tosses me a bone with a sale

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