I will start with my short Twitter bio and expand

Life stinks but I still enjoy it! Social account of a politically engaged, partially disabled, cynical optimist, my opinions may offend. Odd sense of humour

Politically engaged – I believe if you want the freedom to complain about what the government/politicians are doing then you have to take the responsibility to at least vote. I am not a political party animal – I vote for and support whoever I feel best represents me at that time. Yes, I have belonged to at least one party. Yes, I have actively volunteered and campaigned. Yes I am prepared to do so again if the situation arises.

Partially disabled – In 2006 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This has significantly impacted my life. I adapt and manage. Gritting of teeth and “push on through the pain” are about the fastest ways I have found to make things much much worse. For anyone holding the opinion that it is all made up and being lazy, when you can dislocate your ankle and break your leg in 3 places then refuse morphine because your pain level is not much more than normal get back to me.

Cynical Optimist – I do a good line in paradox. I also manage to be an extrovert loner. The worst does not surprise me when it happens but I believe things will turn out for the best in the long run. I generally see both the best and worst in situations – aim for the former avoid the latter.

Yes, I am weird – I take weird as a compliment. I am highly unlikely to be offended by anything. I am, as is everyone, a unique individual. Like it or not we are stuck in this life for our whole lifetime – we can enjoy or endure it so might as well enjoy it and have as much fun as we can.

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