Sphere drawn using graphics tablet

So it is the 3rd of January and I might as well add to my resolutions of posting on Instagram every day and the new 365 photography thing doing the (a) blog again – something I have tried multiple times before and not get anywhere but hey what is the new year for if not failing at resolutions.

So how has the year started – well I am doing well in maintaining my test of the 10000 hours practice theory for drawing. Something I started doing late last year and is still going. I am still not convinced that if I just keep sketching and drawing every day then I will become good at it but it is fun so hey – and I am darn good at spheres now. (well with a pencil and paper anyway – tablet and computer not so much)

And today I have actually not only written an application to the number 10 super weirdos wanted story but sent it. I hope it makes someone laugh. Do something that scares you every day – and never say I am not prepared to challenge myself or do stupid things that make me look ridiculous.