And its another day of everything going wrong at once and not knowing where to start. Sure there have been warnings and indications – and I have had gritted teeth get through it one day at a time I can do this I can I am in control here. No I am bloody not. So […]

So, where are we?

It is April 13th. One day past the second date we were given for leaving the EU and guess what? We are still in the EU, nominally now until Halloween. Ha. I have just finished 10 days of moving my professional site to a new host (this host who also threw in a couple of […]

I got bored……

Hi, I am the Joyful Cynic. If you have landed here from Twitter then you have some idea of me. If you arrived here some other way (god knows how) you have false expectations. I am the worlds worst blogger. I am the worlds worst diary keeper. Do not expect this place to either have […]